Gardens are the places we escape to,
where we can lose ourselves and reconnect with
the great green, even if only for a few minutes.

London prides itself on its beautiful parks and open spaces. Four Pancras Square is the next step in that green chain. It’s
where the wild of large parklands meet the gently guiding hand of a garden square. Where nature and architecture are blended intelligently and beautifully.

Rising more than 40 metres above the square, the garden will become two distinct, relaxing spaces created by renowned landscape architects Todd Longstaffe-Gowan.

With 360-degree views across London, Four Pancras Square occupants will find a sky garden above them, where they will be able to unwind, hold parties, entertain and be entertained.

To the north, four ponds set with natural river cobbles will be scattered through a meandering, wooden terrace which seems to float above the water and the wetland planted landscape.

At the south, a single serpentine, 35 sq m pond sits surrounded by moorland plants and decking in a wilder roofs cape echoing the gentle informality of Camley Street Natural Park 12 storeys below.

A place, then, to sit and relax, to think, to work, to take lunch or evening drinks. Most of all to enjoy.

Admire the gently curated plantings and landscapes and reconnect in an oasis of calm, drifting above the sound and fury of the city.

Gardens are an organic refuge, to enjoy alone
or with company. Uncomplicated places we
understand instinctively: a place to feel secure,
at peace and admire the changing seasons.