For residents and visitors alike, it is an inclusive and welcoming destination – one that is safe and secure.

London is a modern, vibrant, enchanting capital city. It is full of contradictions and complexity, yet enjoyable, fun-filled and accessible. In many senses, the King’s Cross development reflects what London is: one of the most celebrated cities in the world.

People are proud to call themselves Londoners. But within London, one has to be more specific. “Where are you from? Where do you work?” With the King’s Cross development there’s a real reason for stating proudly that you live or work in King’s Cross.

This great new estate for London delivers on our original vision and provides the foundations to promote our values both now and long in to the future. We are driven by a passion for cohesive placemaking and long-term stewardship. Another piece of London is evolving. Another piece of the jigsaw is being fitted into the city we call home.

For business occupiers, residents and visitors, King’s Cross is not just about great transport; it’s a destination. It is safe, clean, secure and vibrant.

The atmosphere is always warm and welcoming. And we’re determined to make sure it stays that way.

The focus on carbon efficiency at King’s Cross is the on-site Energy Centre with its Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines. From here, almost 100% of the development’s heat requirements are met with the heat being fed to the buildings via a site-wide hot water distribution network. In some cases cooling requirements can also be met with the use of tri-generation technology in the buildings. In addition to the heat, CHPs engines generate electricity which is exported to the Power Grid, which offset some of the King’s Cross power demands.

King’s Cross offers a rare opportunity for planned electricity, communications, water, drainage and gas infrastructure, with additional spare capacity.

Open access fibre optic networks run alongside new highways and through the public realm. Empty ductwork will be available to support future IT providers.